We have ski jackets and ski pants to rent for any one going to Afri Ski. Come and look. Due to the fact that some people do not return the clothing on time, clothing cannot be booked in advance. However you may come and look, know your size and colour/style preference. A deposit of R 500 is required for each item.

If you are looking for a bargain then come and see what we have in second hand clothing. It varies in quality and style. Keep an eye on this section. We will accept second hand clothing that was previously purchased from us (so we know the product). We do not purchase but sell for you on consignment. So if you are buying new then you may resell the following season (especially good for families with kids).

The Correct Ski CLOTHING

Having booked a snow skiing holiday, the next most important aspect is your clothing...

Contrary to popular belief ski clothing cannot easily be rented in the resorts. So from the start you are best advised to consider purchasing your own ski outfit.
Ski wear is mostly made of synthetic fabrics custom-made for the purpose of allowing ease of movement, insulating you from the cold and being water repellent, whilst allowing your body to breathe at the same time. With new developments, modern insulation fabrics are as warm if not warmer and have all but replaced more expensive natural fillings such as down. You will want to wear your Ski Jacket everyday of your ski holiday, so it should be able to keep you warm and dry while withstanding some harsh treatment. . If one shops carefully one will be able to purchase items such as ski jackets, underwear, ski socks, apres ski boots, etc that can be worn at other times, either during European winters or even in South African winters. Thus one's investment in ski clothing is not lost at the end of the ski holiday.


Jackets, Pants, ski shirts, gloves and goggles FOR CHILDREN now in stock. Sizes to fit 2/3 year olds upwards. We have always looked after the whole family. If you want something more economical check out the SECOND-HAND SECTION.



Fashions have moved away from the dull plain blacks and a bit of life has come back onto the ski scene. Ski fashions are no longer following or moderated by the snowboarding grunge look and some lovely styles are here. Ladies ski jackets have moved to lovely sky blues, spearmints, prints and checks punctuated with soft creams and off whites. Men's jackets are deeper brighter shades - Prussian blues, mandarin, and tomato with a flash of lighter creams or shades of grey. Ski pants have remained dark, with black, flints and charcoals predominating along with steel greys and the occasional caramel and brown. Fleece ski shirts contrast the colours and gloves match or integrate the outfit. SNOWBOARDERS will find the famous Trespass range of clothing particularly appealing.








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